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Welcome to the City of Austin!  Our city is defined less by boundaries on a map than by the sense of shared values our residents hold dear.  We take pride in maintaining a wholesome lifestyle, rich in cultural history, along with a deep commitment to the preservation of our environment and a progressive approach to local business. 

High Quality Map of Austin City Limits


Do you live in the City of Austin? Or Do you have an Austin rural address?

Austin addresses run from Mt. Springs area, around Ward and behind Cabot almost to the City of Lonoke.

All rural Austin addresses are not under The City of Austin jurisdiction.  We do not have information nor do we provide City services including street repairs to rural addresses.  If your address is rural Austin then your concerns and questions should be directed to the County Judge's Office. This also includes questions regarding the Lonoke County Waste facility located inside Austin City limits, county roads and drainage problems. Lonoke County Judge Doug Erwin   We have provided a map to help you determine if you are inside/out of Austin City limits.  You may also visit Lonoke County Assessor's Office to research your property.  Check out the map in red above.  If you live inside the shaded area....Congratulations you live in our wonderful community.

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Lonoke County Judge Doug Erwin 


Lonoke County Assessor's Office 



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