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Grass Clippings and Cardboard Notice: Schedule Change 6/12 Update with Clarification

June 03, 2024

Grass Clippings and Cardboard Notice:  ALL bagged Grass on the ground and cardboard will be picked up on Tuesdays for both Tuesday and Wednesday routes going forward.

The blue waste cans with bagged grass, shrub trimmings and cardboard will be picked on your scheduled garbage day.  

Waste Connections will be changing their schedule for grass clippings and cardboard collection starting in June.  The Tuesday and Wednesday routes will be combined for the collection of grass and cardboard to Tuesdays.  Your scheduled garbage/sanitation day will not change.  This is for grass clippings and cardboard only.  As a reminder grass must be bagged and secure in a way that is easy to pick up.  All cardboard must be broken down and free of garbage and packing material.  For those that bag their grass regularly we will provide a blue waste can for grass only.  The blue waste cans are for bagged grass only. 

I apologize for any confusion.  

If you would like a blue waste can for your grass, please contact Randy Mckenzie or call 501 628-9455.