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Grass Clippings



With summer time weather comes the mowing season. It is important to remember not to blow grass clippings into the street. Grass clippings in the street ultimately end up in a storm drain where they can build up and cause drainage issues and localized flooding. It is also a violation of 01-2015 Municipal Code to blow grass clippings and other yard waste into the street. Keep grass clippings in the lawn and out of the street.


Did you know…

  • Grass clipping and other yard waste blown and left in the street are a flooding and water quality concern?


Localized Flooding:    

  • Grass clipping and other yard waste blown in the street can cause localized flooding by clogging curb inlets and pipes.


Water Quality:

  • Grass clipping and other yard waste in the streets can cause high levels of nutrients in local creeks and streams, which can result in algae blooms.


  • Keeping grass clippings on your yard can save money on fertilizer by returning nutrients back into the soil and save money on watering by building organic matter in your soil.


Some solutions are…


  • If your mower shoots grass clippings out of the side, mow a couple of passes with your mower blowing towards your yard and not the street before mowing the rest of your yard.


  • If you bag grass with your mower make sure you keep the clippings out of the street, curb inlet, ditch, or creek.


  • If you mulch mow, your mower will not blow grass out the side and you shouldn’t have to worry about grass blowing into the street.